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Snapchat filters promoting warped beauty ideals? 25-08-16
Happy 25th birthday to the World Wide Web 23-08-16
Young people offered Pokemon Go safety advice at summer police camp 22-08-16
A Parents’ Guide to Minecraft 17-08-16
A parent's guide to Pokémon Go 27-07-16
Tips for parents to ensure child safety on Pokémon Go 25-07-16
Microsoft bans stupid passwords 06-06-16
INHOPE Code of Practice 28-04-16
CyberEthics GV - Public Report 2015 26-02-16
Kids Guide to Online Services 18-02-16
SID 2017 17-02-16
Safer Internet Day 2016 - Conference for Bulgarians at SEK 17-02-16
European Youth Panel (YEP) 2015 report 16-02-16
SID 2016 by country 15-02-16
Safer Internet Day 2016 - Conference for Romanians at SEK 12-02-16
Youth role in SID 2016 12-02-16
The Web We Want - Handbook for educators 11-02-16
Safer Internet Day 2016 - Fair at My Mall (Limassol) 10-02-16
Safer Internet Day press release 09-02-16
Safer Internet Day 2016 09-02-16
Safer Internet Day 2016 - Fair at The Mall of Cyprus 05-02-16
The final countdown for SID 2016 03-02-16
Safer Internet Day 2016 - Fair at Kings Avenue Mall (Paphos) 01-02-16
Safer Internet Day 2016 - Conference at SEK 01-02-16
Understand, Prevent and Respond to Cyberbullying 25-01-16
SID 2016 Events 25-01-16
Think! An awareness flyer from the Maltese Safer Internet Center 25-01-16
Safer Internet Day 2016 22-01-16
Sexting in Austria 22-01-16
Teaching young people social skills for a lifetime 21-01-16
Invitation at the Safer Internet Day Event on February 9, 2016 18-01-16
New Devices for Christmas 26-12-15
Merry Christmas and a Cyber-Safe New Year from CyberEthics 21-12-15
What are your plans for Safer Internet Day? 09-12-15
6 things parents and policy-makers need to know about children and the internet 25-11-15
The story behind Childnet International 29-10-15
Snapchat update offers in-app purchases (and terrifying new 'lenses') 22-10-15
Parental education and digital skills matter most in guiding children’s internet use 28-09-15
40 year old man sentenced for revenge porn 21-09-15
Extra screen time 'hits GCSE grades' 08-09-15
Sexting boy's naked selfie recorded as crime by police 07-09-15
Swindon man's 'revenge porn' conviction is the first in the county 07-09-15
Revenge porn: First woman sentenced for offence is spared jail 02-09-15
e-safety calendar for schools 31-08-15
Revenge porn: Are the police and courts taking the crime seriously? 27-08-15
Dear Yahoo: Please Let Revenge Porn Victims Make Link Deletion Requests 19-08-15
Online Classmates or Bystanders? 07-07-15
Sexting – Cyprus Safer Internet Center ‘CyberEthics’ - Let’s Talk about Sex and Texting! 07-05-15
How can you stop yourself becoming a victim of online harassment? 15-04-15
Cruel Facebook bullies target girls as young as 5 as cyberbullying cases increase 13-04-15
SID 2014 Events 05-02-14
2 million Facebook, Gmail and Twitter passwords stolen in massive hack 09-12-13
Mobile shoppers spending more from Apple devices 09-12-13
Microsoft disrupts ZeroAccess web fraud botnet 09-12-13
PART TIME JOB OPENING - Safer Internet Helpline Counselor 06-12-13
Side effect of larger smartphones: More data usage 02-12-13
US agrees to pay $50m after 'piracy' of software 02-12-13
'Selfie' named by Oxford Dictionaries as word of 2013 27-11-13
Webcams taken over by hackers, charity warns 14-11-13
Miss Teen USA hacker pleads guilty to 'sextortion' threats 14-11-13
Facebook privacy: Users should check these settings as new changes roll out 15-10-13
Security of Java takes a dangerous turn for the worse, experts say 12-09-13
IPhone fingerprint scanner will start security revolution 12-09-13 unveils changes to safety policy 29-08-13
Hannah Smith death: Sister Joanne warns is addictive 29-08-13
Skype confirms 3D video calls are under development 29-08-13
Sexting legal reforms need to be acted upon 17-06-13
Facebook backs down on anti-women 'hate speech' posts 29-05-13
Teenagers Hate Facebook, but They're Not Logging Off 27-05-13
Queens girls, 12, hangs herself as it's revealed school cyberbullies called 'her a slut and a whore' 27-05-13
Who, What, Why: What is 'ungoogleable'? 15-05-13
Germany tells Google to tidy up auto-complete 15-05-13
How Estonia became E-stonia 15-05-13
Google edition adopts 'Palestine' 06-05-13
Twitter warns news organisations over hacking amid Syrian attacks 06-05-13
Alaska phishing pupils take over classroom computers 06-05-13
Scams targeting Facebook double in a year 29-04-13
Facebook to start charging for messaging 29-04-13
U.S. police arrest 'world's number one distributor of child pornography'... as he was sitting at his desk watching it 08-04-13
You Can Now Block Contacts In Skype For Windows 8 03-04-13
Facebook criticised for allowing cyberbulling 21-03-13
More devices in the home make child internet safety a challenge 21-03-13
Microsoft Computing Safety Index Shows Consumers Do Little to Change Online Habits Despite Multiple Risks 21-03-13
Survey Shows People Need More Help Controlling Personal Info Online 21-03-13
Respecting Privacy Safeguarding Data Enabling Trust 21-03-13
More Twitter Chatter Correlates to Higher TV Ratings, Study Reveals 21-03-13
'Have your Say' survey results 21-03-13
Copying Twitter hashtags another way for Facebook to make money 21-03-13
New 3D Display Lets Phones and Tablets Make Holograms 21-03-13
End of the line for online passwords, says PayPal 21-03-13
The many weird ways to get banned from Facebook 21-03-13
Yontoo Trojan Unleashes Adware Assault on Mac Browsers 21-03-13
New challenge for teenagers that is being announced by Microsoft 27-11-12
CyberEthics ‘HotHelp’ Cyprus 26-09-12
New operating Hours of the Safer Internet Helpline 02-07-12
Promoting Internet Safety Globally: Connecting Generations 17-05-12
Google VS. Facebook on Privacy and Security 15-03-12
Windows Live Family Safety 15-03-12
Child Abuse Online: The numbers behind the fact 05-03-12
New results of testing of parental control tools just published 01-03-12
How safe are your computer habits? 10-02-12
Safer Internet Day 2012, February 7, 2012 10-02-12
How can parents support children’s internet safety? 08-02-12
Safer Internet Day 2012 03-02-12
Safer Internet Day 2012 Conference - The Invitation 24-01-12
Safer Internet Training 16-01-12
CyberEthics reached more than 9700 individuals throughout the 2010-2011 school year 09-12-11
New Coalition to make a better and safer internet for children 06-12-11
Facebook has got new privacy regulations! 06-12-11
Online dangers for children – report exposes the top 10 myths of internet safety 06-12-11
Facebook news 06-12-11
Crossing the digital divide in Cyprus: Adults and Youth prepare for 2012 28-11-11
Connecting Generations - Discover the digital world together…safely! (Nicosia Conference) 17-11-11
Cypriot kids need internet safety 08-11-11
Internet Addiction and other online Dangers (Nicosia Conference) 02-11-11
Announcement of competition for the production of a short video from students for Safer Internet with subject “Discover the digital world together…safely!” 27-10-11
Google Family Safety Center 26-10-11
Back 2 School campaign: Quiz 10-10-11
More people seeking help on cybercrime 10-10-11
Complaints relating to spam text messages increase 21-09-11
Google+ opens social network to everyone 21-09-11
New booklet for parents and children 05-09-11
Insafe Family Pack available in Greek 06-08-11
Two men remanded for child pornography 03-08-11
Cyberethics Poster Competition 03-08-11
Our View: Cypriot parents cannot afford to be hands-off on internet safety 03-08-11
iPhone and iPad store motion profiles 03-08-11
Class action against iPhone 03-08-11
Sony playstation data of millions of customers stolen 03-08-11
PlayStation data theft hits 77m gamers 03-08-11
Net providers begin blocking access to child porn sites 03-08-11
A cell phone photo can be tracked to within 15 feet of where it was taken 03-08-11
Facebook profile access 'leaked' claims Symantec 03-08-11
Facebook critizised for face recognition 03-08-11
Cyta to reimburse SMS scam victims 01-08-11
EU determined to cap mobile phone roaming charges 01-08-11
Project IDENTIFEYE – an online augmented reality project to teach children the vale of online data 19-07-11
Cyprus Community Media Center promotes CyberEthics 20-06-11
Association for the Prevention and Handling of Violence in the Family supports CyberEthics 03-05-11
The Home Economics Teacher Association promotes the Helpline 01-03-11
Apsiou Primary School promotes CyberEthics 15-02-11
Drossia High School promotes CyberEthics 14-02-11
i-choice department of CYTA supports CyberEthics 11-02-11
Domestic Violence Association promotes CyberEthics 10-02-11
CyberEthics provided a training to help Turkey set up Awareness Center, Hotline and Helpline 20-12-10
CyberEthics provided a training to help Armenia set up a Hotline 30-11-10
Cyprus Family Planning Association promotes CyberEthics 16-11-10
European University Cyprus promotes CyberEthics 02-11-10
Passwords aplenty How to stay sane as well as safe while surfing the web 18-12-09
Internet safety for children targeted 09-12-09
Online Dating: Using the Internet as the means and the end by Lawrence kalogreades 03-12-09
European Teachers’ Panel on Promoting Online Safety in Schools 21 October 2009 Luxembourg – Euroforum REPORT 19-11-09
Facebook tackles online bullying 16-11-09
Center Tries to Treat Web Addicts 05-09-09
Tough cure for China web addicts 27-08-09
US man charged with stealing 130 million payment card details 19-08-09
Cypriots most avid porn viewers in Europe 07-08-09
Cyprus Safer Internet Helpline coordinator on Round and About Lawrence Kalogreades 06-08-09
1st International Congress 'Children in ICT: Educating for a safer Internet 27th – 28th October 2009 29-07-09
Insafe Press Release Empowering young people in the web 2.0 world 07-07-09
UK 'has cyber attack capability' 25-06-09
Google to cut China porn results 22-06-09
PEGI ratings 'need improvement' 19-06-09
Meeting with key stakeholders on incorporating the Safer Internet issues into the school curriculum 02-06-09
Protecting children in cyberspace Cyta seminar for World Telecommunication and Information Society Day 15-05-09
Conference for the Pestalozzi program: Media Litaracy based on Human Rights 11-05-09
Infosecurity Europe 2009 28-04-09
Plan to monitor all internet use 27-04-09
Facebook users say yes to changes 24-04-09
Insafe's April Newsletter 20-04-09
My Students. My Cellphone. My Ordeal. 19-04-09
The Cyberethics team wishes you Happy Easter! 16-04-09
Germany breaks up child porn ring 16-04-09
Safer Internet Helpline coordinator on CYBC Radio 01-04-09
Children work round web controls British parents grossly underestimate how much time their children spend on the net, suggests a report. 18-03-09
Children’s helpline to combat internet dangers 15-03-09
Social websites harm children's brains: Chilling warning to parents from top neuroscientist 24-02-09
European Agreement to Increase Teen's Web Safety from Cyprus Weekly 13-02-09
Radio appearance CYBC a Radio program specialised for the youth 12-02-09
TV appearance at Plus TV “Apogevmatini Zoni ”afternoon program 11-02-09
EU Kids Online Safer Internet Day 2009 Press Release 10-02-09
Deputy Secretary General’s contribution to the 6th Edition of the Safer Internet Day of the European Commission, 10 February 2009 10-02-09
Costas Michaelides of CyBC evening radio program hosted Cyberethics 10-02-09
Plus TV hosts CyberEthics 10-02-09
MEGA TV News cover Safer internet for 7 minutes!! 10-02-09
Playing violent video games has risks: study 09-02-09
CyBC Apo Mera Se Mera 09-02-09
TV appearance CYBC “Epta Deka” TV program 09-02-09
TV appearance Mega “Me mia matia” TV program 09-02-09
Radio appearance CYBC “Proino Dromologio” Radio program hosted by Mr. Potamitis 07-02-09
Using signature on the web still not an option in Cyprus By Jacqueline Theodoulou from Cyprus Mail 06-02-09
Radio Proto & Yianna Loizidou host CyberEthics 05-02-09
Sex offenders booted off MySpace. Social networking site MySpace has deleted the accounts of 90,000 users it has identified as sex offenders 04-02-09
Cyberethics Radio appearance at Radio Proto Station, “Proini Zoni” program 04-02-09
Safer Internet Day Conference 2009 03-02-09
Laouris & Alexandrou at Demopoullos, Sigma 03-02-09
Laouris at Radio Astra 02-02-09
Safer Internet Day activities in north Cyprus - Poster Exhibition 30-01-09
Helpline Training Conference 2009 Press Release 29-01-09
3RD ANNUAL DATA PROTECTION DAY Surf the Net, Think Privacy 28-01-09
Kids’ helpline for safer internet use Article from Cyprus Mail 27-01-09
SID activities, Senior CyBC journalist Paris Potamitis has hosted Yiannis Laouris and Cyberethics partners: Live Radio program 22-01-09
CyberEthics Director was invited on CyBC morning show 710 22-01-09
CyberEthics at CyBC2 English program 21-01-09
Helpline Training Conference 22-24 th of January 2009 20-01-09
Virtual world, real emotions: Relationships in Second Life 14-12-08
Do You Poken? 12-12-08
Study on Benchmarking of Filtering Software and Services just published 12-12-08
New Eurobarometer on the Safer Use of the Internet for Children in the EU from the Parents' Perspective just published 12-12-08
Australian government plans to filter net use have been rebuffed by local internet service providers (ISPs) 12-12-08
Men charged for global porn links 11-12-08
Doing business in Second Life 11-12-08
World Internet Project Report Finds Remarkable Similarities and Significant Differences in Internet Use Worldwide 10-12-08
Safe Shopping Online 08-12-08
Court rules against Coca Cola cyber squatter 05-12-08
Laptop plan could make soon second year gymnasium pupils owners of laptops 04-12-08
Competition “Surf the net – think privacy!” for teenagers 01-12-08
WiFi hotspots across Cyprus - Updated 29-11-08
Wireless security: Hacked 29-11-08
Mobile Applications on the run 29-11-08
Fight against cyber crime: cyber patrols and Internet investigation teams to reinforce the EU strategy 27-11-08
Japan's Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications tests a new software that blocks child pornography 25-11-08
Moving to the Second Classroom 25-11-08
Online fraudsters 'steal £3.3bn' 24-11-08
Teen commits suicide on webcam as others watch 21-11-08
Online time 'is good for teens' 21-11-08
Social networking adds new friend: Philanthropy 20-11-08
New Media Lab present at European Conference on e-Learning, 6 Nov 2008 19-11-08
New Media Lab present at European Conference on e-Learning, 7 Nov 2008 19-11-08
New Media Lab Associate present at European Conference on e-Learning, 7 Nov 2008 19-11-08
How dangerous are networking sites? 18-11-08
MOBILE phone users in Paphos are being bombarded with text messages claiming they’ve won a Toyota Landcruiser VX worth $140,000. 14-11-08
Second Life affair ends in divorce 14-11-08
How do avatars in Second Life have sex? 14-11-08
Cypriots shop for clothes and books online 13-11-08
As a EU Kids Online partner, the New Media Lab of CNTI contributed to the Public Consultation of the European Commission on Safer Internet 10-11-08
A 13-year-old girl hanged herself in her bedroom after being targeted in a MySpace hoax 10-11-08
Ministry’s plans for free laptops 09-11-08
Social Networking Sites Dos and Don'ts 05-11-08
A psychologist is warning that Facebook is to blame for "friendship addiction" 01-11-08
WiFi hotspots across Cyprus 01-11-08
Cybercrime wave sweeping Britain 30-10-08
A Demos study suggests "Bosses should embrace Facebook" 29-10-08
Alarm raised on teenage hackers 27-10-08
Bank hackers steal from Sarkozy 20-10-08
Web content 'disturbing children' 20-10-08
UK wants to play 'Big Brother' Britain is oncsidering creating a national phone & email database 15-10-08
Inhope Tracing Internet Content Training 10-10-08
Paedo Arrest 05-10-08
Swedes and Dutch best EU broadband performers (Bulgaria & Cyprus last) from the EU observer 30-09-08
Safer Internet Forum 2008 25-09-08
CyberEthics represents Cyprus in Social Networking Task Force 24-09-08
Cyprus participates in Steering Committee meeting of safer Internet Nodes 23-09-08
Insafe Training Seminar 22-09-08
Child porn suspect remanded in Cyprus 21-09-08
Larnaca man sues for €10 million over porn trial 12-09-08
Online Safety Tips for Teens Protecting Young Adults from Internet Predators 01-09-08
Andreas Tryfonos Meets with CyberEthics Team 27-08-08
4 Different Types of Abuse 20-08-08
A personality profile of typical Child Sexual Abusers 13-08-08
Three Members of the Cypriot Youth Forum used their summer school vacation to join CyberEthics team as full-time interns for the month of July. 01-08-08
Create Your Message to Promote Safer Internet Coctail-Presentation 14-07-08
Olive Branch Public event 14-07-08
The University of Cyprus distributes info packages about safer Internet to all tertiary education students 23-06-08
Olive Branch Foundation workshop for safer Internet 28-04-08
University of Cyprus students to focus on safer internet messages 20-03-08
The Department of Political and Social Sciences actively promotes the 2008 Safer Internet Day 04-02-08
The Olive Branch Foundation Workshop 21-01-08
The University of Cyprus promotes CyberEthics 10-09-07
Cyprus Family Planning Association Workshop Workshop: «Relationships and the Dangers of the Internet» 15-01-07
Cyprus Family Planning Association Workshop «Relationships and the Dangers of the Internet» 12-01-07
Two Day Workshop – «Sexual Reproductive Health» 22-11-06
Lecture «Sexuality and the dangers of the internet» 17-11-06
Lecture: «Relationships, the changes in puberty and the dangers of the internet» 06-11-06
Workshops: Train the Trainers – “Sexuality Education” 05-11-06
Lecture: «Relationships, sexuality and the dangers of the internet» 23-10-06
Lecture: «Relationships and the dangers of the internet» 18-10-06
Lecture: « Sexuality and the dangers of the internet» 13-10-06
Works shop: «Sexuality and the dangers of the Internet» 09-10-06
Workshop: “Sexual Harassment and Internet» 21-09-06
CFPA Lecture:«The need of Sexuality Education in Primary School and the Dangers of the Internet» 06-09-06
Workshop: «Relationships and the Dangers of the Internet» Cyprus Family Planning Association 06-09-06